Knowledge capitalization

This section of EU.WATER project is devoted to the collection the huge quantity of available data (coming from previous and/or running projects at all levels, management plans, experimentations, surveys) concerning water use in agriculture, to capitalize the existing experiences. These information, summarized into one regional report for each project pilot area, represent the knowledge asset to elaborate and updated the GIS maps showing the sensitive areas related to the water management sprawl. Parameters also provide information to support the local application of the joint  water management strategy and to drive the realization of targeted pilot actions.

Guidelines to organize and upload data and for the standardization of the mapping processes(author: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki).

Aim of the guidelines is to help the EU.WATER partners to standardize the completion process of the questionnaire, the mapping process for the development of the GIS platform and the collection of available data regarding water and nitrogen management in the designated target areas of the project. The GIS data development is crucial in order to move to the next steps of the project and thus the procedure must be conducted step by step following the same rules for all partners. The procedure is necessary for the development of vulnerability maps which are the basis for proposing water and nitrogen management strategies.

Regional reports

The regional reports provide data concerning the available information, on soil characteristics, agricultural practices and water management conditions in the partners’ target areas.

Regional report of Po river basin (Provinces of Ferrara and Rovigo) – ITALY
Abstract of RR Italy (English version)

Regional report of Sarigkiol basin (Western Macedonia) – GREECE
Abstract of RR Greece (English version – Greek version)

Regional report of Arges-Vedea basin - ROMANIA
Abstract of RR Romania (English version – Romanian version)

Regional report of Tisza River Basin - HUNGARY
Abstract of RR Hungary (English version – Hungarian version)

Regional report of Istria – CROATIA
Abstract of RR Croatia (English version – Croatian version)

Regional report of Pančevo city (South-East Vojvodina) – SERBIA
Abstract of RR Serbia (English version – Serbian version)

Regional report of Odessa region – UKRAINE
Abstract of RR Ukraine (English version – Ukrainian version)

Regional report of Botna basin (Ialoveni region) – MOLDOVA
Abstract of RR Moldova (English version)

Synthesis of the Vulnerability Reports

EU.WATER, carried out in 9 rural study areas (Po River basin, Province of Rovigo, Sarigkiol basin, Hajdú Bihar county, Teleorman-Giurgiu-Arges region, Istrian region, Teritorry of Pancevo city, Odessa region, Ialoveni Rayon) belonging to 8 SEE Countries (Italy, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova) tackles the emergency related to water consumption and contamination in Europe, and aims at spreading, at transnational level, integrated water resource management in agriculture, based on the optimization of water consumption and cutback of groundwater pollution.

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